Solving Cryptic Crossword Puzzles can be achieved very quickly using our latest interactive training techniques - you just need to learn the "language" of cryptics . Maybe you have heard of an expert solver who completes the Times crossword during tea break and then says "that one took 5 more minutes than normal!"  Using our latest online eLearning methods, you too will become proficient at cryptic crosswords in no time. Just like advanced language learning, we use techniques that will make your learning not only fun and exciting but FAST. Within a few hours you will see a dramatic improvement in your ability to solve cryptic crosswords. Solutions that previously seemed incomprehensible will suddenly become so obvious.

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There are numerous books written on how to solve cryptic crossword puzzles, however they all tend to take you through the laborious process of learning each "rule" with examples, before moving on to the next rule. We know that one of the most effective ways to learn is to be thrown in the "deep end" with as much help as you need. We will get you solving real cryptic crosswords within a few hours. Our tutorials are within a multimedia environment and include plenty of interaction for the learner. It is through this interactive process that you will learn far more quickly than through a book.

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If you wish to be able to solve cryptic crossword puzzles, you must first learn the language of the compiler. Like any language you do not understand, at first it seems incomprehensible. Even when you see the solutions to the crossword puzzles, unless you understand or can 'speak' the language it will mean nothing to you. There are many electronic variations for solving crossword puzzles, however, just like their language equivalents they will not improve your understanding of the grammar of the 'language'. Our crossword tutorials are the fastest way to learn the secret language and 'grammar' required to solve cryptic crossword.

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